Our Story

About Wonderize


Our mission is to create the products of utmost quality for our esteemed customers, using world class technologies, while being sensitive to our community and the environment.

Menstruation awareness is something that is growing recently on a national stage. Society often treats periods and women’s health in general & don’t talk about in public. Period poverty has been a major reason in menstruation awareness. 88% of 355 million menstruating women in India do not have access to sanitary napkins. This is a rather alarming statistic.

We at Wonderize acknowledge that every single woman is ensured menstrual health that she deserves. Wonderize always looks to empower women and seeks out more likeminded people to help us in this noble cause of ours and erase the stigmas about periods.

From Humble beginnings to incredible heights 

Wonderize is a feminine hygiene brand which is introduced by SEKHANI GROUP of companies. Our manufacturing site, is located at Sanand, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A state of art facility where we manufacture all kind of sanitary napkins such as Fluff and Ultra category.
Equipped with fully automatic Servo machines, highly skilled employees, well-equipped laboratory, and backed by a strong R&D unit, Wonderize focuses on making high quality sanitary napkins - catering to generic and specific needs of consumers.

We manufacture both fluff based and ultra-thin napkins embedded with customised features available in different sizes (regular, large and extra-large). As an industry leader in India, we try to stay one step ahead of the market by innovating, experimenting, and developing newer products.

Maintaining safety & hygiene


Menstrual hygiene is still a sensitive subject for Indian women and girls and making them believe that period protection is something that cannot be compromised becomes a challenge.

Period hygiene and safety starts from the place where sanitary pads are manufactured. Every member working and serving us at the plant has knowledge how to implement measures the and ensures the superior safety.

When period care products are manufactured there are some hygiene standards maintained at the plant, everything works on fully automated machineries, where touching with bare hands is totally restricted.

As frequent touch by bare hands can increase the risk of infecting the materials. Also the measures are maintained by the workers who are not allowed to enter certain sections of plant without their uniform which consist face mask, head caps, hand gloves and overcoat.

We have implemented some ground safety rules to ensure that the women’s & girls of our society are provided with safe and hygienic period products. Experience the comfort and protection like never before with Wonderize!!  

Manufacturing Unit 


 > Located in Sanand, Ahmedabad.

Equipped with 4 fully- automatic servo machines.

Capacity of 40,00,000 pads per day.

Fully equipped lab to test and maintain the quality.