A Guide to the Importance of Women Sexual Pleasure

A Guide to the Importance of Women Sexual Pleasure

In many countries, the concept of sexual pleasure is still a taboo subject to discuss openly. Many people still believe that female sexual pleasure does not exist. Sex is mostly seen as a man’s thing and female orgasms were thought to be the stuff of inconsequential fantasies. Even several women till today feel that they are not supposed to enjoy sex and they must please men. It is vital to understand that sexual pleasure is important. It means that the act of sex is for both male and female pleasure and not solely for men.

Orgasm Gap and things to know about this gap

There is some data on the orgasm gap that shows that so many women have never attained orgasm ever in their life. If you don’t know what is orgasm gap then for your information, the orgasm gap is the frequency with which men experience orgasm during sex vs women.

About 95% of men always have an orgasm during sex. On the other hand, only 65% of women experience an orgasm during sex. So, what’s the key reason behind this orgasm gap? Well, the misinformation and stigma surrounding the topic is perhaps the key reason behind this gap.

Many women are not at all aware of their own bodies. Many women don’t even know the correct names for their genitals. Also, they are not aware of the presence of various important parts of their genitals that plays a major role in offering sexual pleasure to a woman. For instance, many women are not aware that stimulating the clitoris can bring them incredible pleasure just as or even better than penetration. This lack of knowledge often gets in the way of women being able to enjoy their sex life. It makes them uncomfortable with their own body and its needs.

How to improve awareness about female sexual pleasure?

The best way to enhance the knowledge about female sexual pleasure is to make women get in touch with their own bodies. Women must know all about their genitals. Once having the knowledge of genitals and a clear mental picture of what their vulva looks like, it’s time to feel their genitals. Masturbation can help women to feel their genitals and what act gives pleasure to them. When talking about masturbation, many women assume it as fingers or toys penetrating the vaginal canal. But this is not completely true.

Self-pleasure comprises much more than just the in and out motion. For instance, gently touching and teasing the sensitive areas like the skin of the inner thighs, labia, and clitoris can be enormously pleasurable. According to experts, there are several techniques that women can use to pleasure themselves. One such technique is orbiting. This technique generally focuses on clitoral stimulation and exploration.

Other ways to experience pleasure in sexual relationships

To experience the real joy in your sexual relationships, one must start doing:

> Don’t always blame yourself: If you never orgasm, don’t blame yourself. You must understand that it is not just your mistake that you never orgasm, your partner is also responsible for that. Since sex is an act that is performed between two people, if one of them is not getting satisfied then it can be partly because of the other participant. Most women often take a long time to reach climax. Also, a woman’s average time to orgasm is considerably longer than a man’s. Therefore, you must take your time to reach that pleasurable climax.           
> Find out what your body desires: Before you expect to reach pleasure, it is important to explore yourself. No matter how much time it takes, you must find out what your body wants and what makes you feel most satisfied. It is all about knowing your sexual desires and preferences that aren’t spoken about by many people.

 > Avoid faking it: Many women show fake pleasure because they don’t want to make their partner feel bad about it. However, it is advisable to avoid faking your orgasm. By doing fake orgasm, you not only deny yourself the pleasure you deserve but also keep your partner unaware that you are not getting the desired pleasure or satisfaction by his act. Lying about such things, you are only giving your partner a temporary ego boost and hampering his growth. It may also be possible that when you tell him the truth the next time, he may not believe you.

> Resolve your differences, if any: Many couples stop engaging in sexual activities after being with each other for a long time. There can be many reasons behind this behavior. They may have some differences that they can’t stop thinking about. To maintain a healthy relationship and a good sex life, you must pay attention to what keeps you attached to your partner and what you both can do to improve your relationship.

> Identify your traumas: As per a report (2017) by World Health Organization, 1 in every 3 women has gone through some kind of physical and sexual abuse. It is also a verified fact that people who had bad sexual experiences in the past may find it hard to engage in a healthy sexual relationship. Do not ever undermine your sexual traumas, instead seek help to get over this trauma.

    To conclude, experiencing sexual pleasure is as important for women as for men. It is vital not only for their physical health but for their social and emotional wellbeing as well. 

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