An Insight into Female Orgasms and How Important it is

An Insight into Female Orgasms and How Important it is?

For females, orgasm is an important part of their healthy sex life. According to experts, orgasm not only gives an extraordinary feeling of pleasure but also has several health benefits associated with it. Female orgasms happen when their sexual desire reaches the state of ejaculation due to erotic tension. Just like men, females can also easily reach orgasm or climax with the right kind of sexual stimulation and intimate touching. However, it all depends on the way you approach the peak of pleasure and sensational intensity.

What we simply understand by an orgasm is that it is a feeling of amazing pleasure and a climax of sensual tension and excitement. But do you know it can be achieved during any kind of sexual activity? Yes, that’s true. Orgasm not only happens because of intense sexual stimulation, other sexual activities starting from foreplay to sexual intercourse can cause an orgasm. In scientific terms, an orgasm is a spontaneous action controlled by the nervous system, when a person (man or woman) experiences muscular spasms in different areas of the body. Once achieved, a person feels extremely relaxed due to the release of neuro-hormones oxytocin, prolactin, and endorphins in the body.

Types of Orgasms

Though the feeling of an orgasm is quite common to all, the types of orgasms can be different from each other. Let’s look at some of the most common types of female orgasms:

> Clitoral orgasm: Situated at the top of the vulva, the clitoris is a highly sensitive area that can get wet easily when rubbed or touched profusely. When applied a highly intensified and fast pressure in a repetitive motion, the orgasm starts to intensify in females. In this type of orgasm, the clitoris becomes enlarged or erect and provides a release.

> Vaginal orgasm: Vaginal orgasm is one of the most common and pleasurable ways for women to orgasm. It is much more intense as compared to other types of orgasms. With intensified touch and reaching the G-spot, a direct stimulation leads to a state of climax.

> Combo orgasm: A Combo orgasm is a combination of both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. This is perhaps the easiest way to reach an orgasm for females.

> Erogenous zones: A woman reaches an orgasm not only just by stimulating the genitalia but also through other means as well. There are various erogenous zones in the body such as the neck, nipples, and others which when touched and stimulated, intensify the pleasure and at times even help to reach an orgasm.

These are some of the most common types of orgasms in females. It depends on each individual as to what type of orgasm they are having based on what they are doing.

What to expect during an orgasm?

Well, certain things take place in the human body during orgasm. No matter what type of orgasm you have, there are some common things that you may experience in all types of orgasms. For instance, you may experience an increased heart rate, faster breath, increased blood pressure, and high metabolism.

Different phases in the female orgasm

There are mainly 4 phases, identified by various researchers in the female orgasm, irrespective of the type of orgasm they are having. These phases are as mentioned below:

> Increased excitement: Increased excitement can be described as the state of arousal or sexual desire. This phase is the starting of sexual excitement in which your body starts to get ready for sex. During this phase, certain hormones in the body start increasing and the blood pressure starts to expand your sexual organs.

> Plateau: Plateau is an important phase in which the sexual tension increases at a more rapid rate. During this stage, your body and mind are completely focused on sexual stimulation. Besides, your blood pressure and heart rate continue to increase during the plateau phase.

> Orgasm: Now comes the orgasm. During this phase, you may feel that muscles all over your body, especially the vagina, uterus, and pelvic floor muscles are contracting rhythmically. This is the peak of your sexual excitement.

> Resolution: Orgasm is not the last stage of female orgasm. Following your orgasm, your body starts feeling relaxed. Moreover, your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing start slowing down and come to a more normal rate.

Health benefits of orgasm for females

Though there is no scientific evidence that assures that orgasm leads to improved skin, hair, or other health benefits. Still, orgasms are pleasurable and have their own benefits. Pleasurable sex may help to boost a person’s mood, increase immunity, relieves stress, and importantly builds-up better relationships. A woman need not orgasm to get pregnant. However, some evidence suggests that orgasm can increase the fertility rate.

To conclude, orgasm is a multifaceted psychological and biological experience. Reaching this phase and experiencing orgasm can be completely different in every woman. There is no perfect way to experience female orgasms. It is just a pleasurable feeling that women must pursue in whatever way it feels good to them.

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