Why, How & When to use Panty Liner?

There are various types of panty liners in the market. A panty liner is a thin, porous and absorbent piece of material worn inside the underwear. It is a little smaller and lighter compared to a period pad. Due to its lightness and thinness, panty liners are a barrier against daily vaginal discharge, post-sex discharge or light menses flow.

  • For Daily usage- Women and girls prefer wearing a panty liner daily. You might wonder why? The reason is that it is common for women to have some discharge during the day. It can make you feel a bit moist, damp and uncomforting, mainly when you are working out. Wearing a panty liner is a wise way of protecting yourself and keeping the vaginal area clean, healthy and fresh. If you are looking for a carefree, lightweight and an experience without any risk discomfort, then panty liner usage is recommended for you.
  • Light indulgence- This is a type of light urinary discharge that women face almost after every urinal. If women have a delicate or damaged urethra, it can leak when strained by jumping, running, cycling, sneezing, laughing etc. Women often use panty liners for such little leakages from their system. Please note that this is normal and there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about it.
  • Ending days assurance- It is best suited when you think your cycle is about to end and need something light that provides you with the ideal protection and comfort. It is the best when it comes to wearing less and comfy.


Pantyliners are not any different than other sanitary pads. First, wash and sanitize your hands. Then remove the cover tape from it and place it properly on your underwear as per your comfort. It highly recommended that you keep changing your sanitary panty liner after 4-6 hours. It is to avoid bacterial damage and external infection. However, if the panty liner becomes excessively damp, then immediately change it to avoid any harmful effects.

  1. As a precaution, use panty liner a few days before your period. Do this to ensure protected care of your menstrual health and hygiene.
  2. Keep it handy when away from home. Try carrying it in your bag or purse because periods can be unpredictable and leakage can be irregular. Always keep a spare panty liner in your home too.
  3. It is common to have vaginal discharge, especially during ovulation (days followed by your period). So, it is best to wear a panty liner to avoid ruining your underwear with stains.
  4. Do not wear a panty liner when sleeping. The main reason behind this is to allow a comfortable night. It also allows your skin to breathe properly.