Why Women with PCOS are Most Likely to Experience Lows in their Mental Health?

Why Women with PCOS are Most Likely to Experience Lows in their Mental Health?

PCOS is a disorder related to hormonal imbalance. Abbreviated as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, it affects women between 20 years to 40 years of age. A few women with PCOS experience mild problems but some with PCOS are most vulnerable to mental health. However, the question is what type of mental health or disease occurs in women due to PCOS.

Women with PCOS have prolonged or infrequent menstrual periods. The condition also leads to an excess in androgen hormone levels. The ovaries of a woman develop small follicles or collections of fluids and fail to release eggs regularly.

Signs and symptoms related to PCOS often develop when a female has her first menstrual flow or enters the phase of puberty. However, a few other women start experiencing PCOS during their later years particularly during childbearing years because of substantial weight gain. Even though PCOS symptoms vary among women, a few of the common symptoms are-

Irregular Periods

Irregular, infrequent, or prolonged menstrual cycles are the common symptoms of PCOS. For instance, if you have lesser than nine periods in one year, have a gap of 35 days between your periods, you may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Besides, a few women with PCOS have abnormal and heavy periods.

Elevated Levels of Androgen

Many women may identify their condition of PCOS if their body has male hormones referred to as androgen in excessive levels. These lead to certain physical signs, like excess body and facial hair. In some cases, affected females may have baldness in male patterns and severe forms of acne.

Polycystic Ovaries

The word polycystic indicates the presence of multiple cysts. Accordingly, women with the condition of PCOS have enlarged ovaries with follicles around the eggs. Hence, the ovaries become polycystic ovaries and fail to perform their regular function of producing eggs.  

Common Factors to Increase Mental Disorder Vulnerabilities

Recent research studies and reports have revealed that many women with PCOS are highly prone to depression and anxiety problems than those without PCOS. As abnormal hormones lead to such conditions, they also increase the risk related to psychological disorders.

Perfect Looks

PCOS women have Testosterone male hormone in abundant levels, which cause abnormal changes in their appearance. These include acne, excessive facial hair growth, and hair loss across the scalp area. Women often stay obsessed with their good looks and beautiful presence in front of others.

Indeed, anything, which takes a toll on females’ beauty, becomes worthless. Hence, women with PCOS feel less feminine and have relatively low self-esteem. Both of these aspects contribute to depression and emotional imbalance.


Women with PCOS are most vulnerable to mental health because of obesity as well. Overweight condition is a common symptom of PCOS. The hormonal imbalance makes PCOS women resistant to insulin i.e. their bodies cannot use the glucose normally.

Insulin in excess amount forces the fat to store in abdominal and butt areas instead of burning it. Hence, women with PCOS often put on their weight or face difficulty to reduce body fat. Obesity disturbs interpersonal relationships in many women, which leads to panic attacks and anxiety.


Women suffering from PCOS cannot ovulate due to the increased level of a commonly male hormone and abnormality in their reproductive hormones. Without ovulation, females have irregular menstrual cycles, as no egg is available for fertilization.

In simple words, PCOS women face challenges to get pregnant. Infertility may sometimes become financially, physically, and emotionally draining for couples, as they need IUI or IVF techniques to get pregnant. Infertility conditions may cause prolonged depression and stress in women. In other words, infertility and no ovulation associated with PCOS are most vulnerable to mental health.


PCOS women have a severe problem referred to as sleep apnea. Accordingly, the person will stop her breathing for some time while they sleep. When sleep apnea is combined with other related PCOS symptoms, the women face a challenge in falling asleep. Lack of sleep disturbs the mental health of females resulting in hopelessness followed by depression and psychological disorders.

To conclude, many PCOS women experience challenges with the burden to get a perfect look, the morals, and the cultural values in today’s society. Each of these affects the emotional well-being of PCOS-affected women and makes them vulnerable to poor mental health.

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