Befriend Your PMS

Recently came across this hilarious poster that sums up most of us Venusians who are visiting planet earth on or before their moon-cycles. Yeah, most of us feel disassociated with the world around us just before our PERIOD. That’s PMS, a gene-altering attack that strikes us normal women and transforms us to Kaali from our usually well-behaved avatars.

The root-causes of PMS are not clear and still under research. Many attribute the sudden mood swings to the changing hormone levels during our menstrual cycle. A lot of us complain of PMS symptoms such as tension, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, weight gain, water-retention, breast tenderness and various food cravings especially for sweets.

PMS usually brings into play progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and brain chemical, serotonin. These make a good cocktail and leave us dizzy with CRAVINGS! Food, Fight & Flight..

I know how our binges and stress tantrums make us guilty and sad when it all ends. So here are 6 easy ways to Befriend and tame your PMS avatar:

1) Eat mood-boosting foods rich in carbs such as whole-wheat pasta, rice, potatoes – baked/boiled…Moderation is the Key here and try to keep it gluten free.

2) Do not touch inflammatory food. Say no those salty, fatty and sugary foods and substitute the wafers, vada-pavs and doughnuts with healthier anti-inflammatory alternatives.

3) Catch up on at least 8 hours of sleep my Sleeping Beauty. Sleep will ensure you don’t bite off your maid’s head for dropping that glassware you love so much.

4) Get your Groove on. Move to whatever gets your heart rate up. Exercise.. run… dance… a 30 minute daily workout will keep that stress in check.

5) Pop those health supplements and strength your gut. Some super stars are:
– Magnesium citrate
– Calcium citrate
– Vitamin B6 & B12
– Evening primrose oil

6) Go Natural. Herbs and phytonutrients are said to have a very calming effect on PMS-stricken humans. Try these to keep calm & carry on:
– Flax seeds contain lignans that help block negative effects of excess estrogen and balance hormone metabolism.
– Chasteberry fruit extract help balance the hormones released by the pituitary gland.
– Isoflavones from soy improve estrogen detoxification by boosting the activity of specific detox enzymes.
– Sip Green Tea – lemon, chamomile and more… they help in balancing your chi.

Now that we know that we are in control, Go Girl, Go play your PMS. I would love to hear and share your simple DIY PMS routine… write to me in the comment section.

Happy Period To You!