Yoga for period cramps

Everything has its own positive and negative implications, even periods. One of the most excruciating occurrences a girl comes across is menstrual cramps. Menstruation is a monthly affair and so are the cramps caused by it. Cramps are the result of uterine contractions and these are not only restricted to the pelvic region but also involves the thighs and lower back along with a tendency of vomiting, dizziness, fatigue and many more symptoms that vary from person to person.
Practicing yoga does not only cure period cramps but it is also beneficial for many disorders. Coming to period cramps, yoga practice assists in reducing the pain very persuasively. There are many yoga postures to cure period cramps but some of the postures may not be possible for every woman to practice. This is because people who practice yoga are quite flexible for performing all the yoga postures but not all women are flexible enough to practice each and every yoga posture during period cramps. Having said that, it is also true that at times some yoga postures are really very crucial to practice. And the most important point is that, a woman should proceed with only the types of yoga she is comfortable doing, because practicing wrong yoga postures can lead to supplementary cramps with side-effects.

Here are some yoga postures for preventing period cramps:

  1. Arching pigeon – Arching Pigeon or pigeon pose is one of the mostly recommended forms of yoga during period cramps. This pose opens up the hip which reduces the pain to quite a certain extent. Here’s what you can do to get into the pigeon like pose – Bending the right knee and extending the left leg behind while sitting on the floor, placing hands on the hip and curving the back. In case a person is not comfortable with this particular pose then the substitute is practicing the same pose with arms in the air. After holding the pose for about five minutes, practicing the same pose in the alternate direction. This posture is really beneficial for all the women who face severe cramps during periods.
  1. One-armed Camel – This intimidating sounding yoga asan is a powerful pose to combat the period pain. For relief from major cramps, practice this aasan by –Standing on the shinbone so that the hips are appropriately positioned beneath the hips. Extending the left hand in the air while placing the right hand on the right heel. Stretching the belly and chest by shifting the weight ahead on to the knees. Holding this pose for five breaths while lowering the head behind. Then repeat the same in the opposite direction.
  1. Wild- Child’s Pose – This posture does not only sound catchy to the ear but it is also very relaxing to the cramps in the lower back. This pose is really simple and comfortable to practice as it only requires – Placing knees on the floor forward and then extending the arms forthright and then resting the head on the floor or turning the head in any of the directions. Then holding the pose for about five breaths and trying the same in the alternate direction.
  1. Reclining Twist – This position works positively for the lower back as well as the lower belly. Here’s how we suggest reclining with a twist! – Crossing the left knee over the right knee while lying on the floor. Then extending the arms wide open glaring the left side. Finally, holding the pose for five breaths and one can feel positive changes. Most importantly, avoid taking the support of hands rather use abs to lift the knees on any side.

Yoga, as we all know provides numerous health benefits to everyone of any age. Practicing yoga on a daily basis is thoroughly beneficial for the mind, body and soul & definitely during menstruation. Practicing the above poses, will greatly ease menstrual cramps. Happy Period to You!