How to Keep Yourself Worry-Free While Traveling During Periods?

How to Keep Yourself Worry-Free While Traveling During Periods

Periods can be very irritating and inconvenient especially while traveling. Nobody would like to have a backache, stomach cramping, or bleeding. But periods are a natural occurrence and they will come automatically on their time. So, how to manage periods while traveling? Well, one of the best ways to keep yourself comfortable and at ease is by using soft cotton sanitary pads offered by Wonderize. At Wonderize, one can find a wide range of menstrual hygiene products that assures complete protection against rashes and any period infection. All their menstrual hygiene products are manufactured considering the Indian weather conditions.

In this blog, you will get to know about the essential tips for traveling during periods.

Tips for traveling during periods

Before jumping on the tips to manage periods while traveling, it is important to note that you should not pack products that you have never used before. It might happen that they do not suit you and create other issues. In the worst case, it may ruin your entire travel experience. Consider the below-mentioned points to pack for the right products while you travel during your periods:


  • Make sure to have your period product(s) on hand at all times. Especially when you like to swap your travel bags, be sure to keep enough pads and other essential products in your bag that will be with you every time wherever you go.


  • It might be possible that your feminine care products fail to give you complete leakage protection. To deal with such a situation, be sure to pack extra underwear/panties. Also, carry an extra bath and linen. If there is a limited supply of bath and linen where you are traveling, then make sure to carry extra towels, napkins, inner-wear, bed-sheets, etc. This will keep you at ease during periods.


  • Keep wet wipes, one as it will be a great help for you to clean up when you don’t have access to a proper washroom or in a situation where there is no soap or running water available to wash your hands.


  • Also, carry some disposable bags with you. Why? Well, they can be used to throw your used sanitary products or stained pants if there's no bin available nearby.


  • Don't forget to take pain relief products with you. Bleeding is not the only unpleasant thing that happens with you during periods. The period cramps can leave you in great pain during those days. So, instead of giving up on your travel activities, pack some pain-relief products to get rid of the aches and tiredness.


  • If possible, carry a heating patch or belt with you. A battery-operated heating patch or belt can be very helpful for you to deal with unbearable period cramps. These heat patches can be attached easily to the insides of the clothes; thus they are the best option when you are on the go.


  • Try to skip tight clothes like skinny jeans. Though it is entirely your personal choice when it comes to what type of clothes you would like to take with you while traveling. But wearing tight clothes during periods, especially during hot weather, may increase the chances of developing a yeast infection due to moisture down there. Therefore, it is advisable to skip skinny clothes and go with loose trousers for your periods.
  • You can also carry a few period panties with you so that in case there is a leakage, your favorite dress doesn’t get ruined.
  • Doing mild exercise during the periods can help loosen up sore muscles and soothe cramps. Many gynecologists suggest exercises including stretching, brisk walking, yoga, and other low-intensity exercises during periods.

Considering all the above-mentioned tips can help you to enjoy a worry-free trip during periods. It is also advisable to maintain a period tracker. Though it is not always possible to plan travels according to your menstruation cycle, tracking periods can certainly help you to prepare in advance and prevent unpleasant surprises. Also, never compromise on the quality of intimate hygiene products. Always prefer a renowned brand like Wonderize that provides high-quality, eco-friendly products including soft sanitary pads, panty liners, period panties, and more that meet all the feminine hygiene requirements.

Don’t let your period hold you back from enjoying the best, fun time of your life. Do keep this checklist handy whenever you plan your next trip.