How to Stay Fit and Active During Periods

Having part of the monthly natural process, every woman experiences menstruation with cramps or heavy flow. During periods it can be unpleasant to stay active and dedicated to a daily healthy workout routine. Feeling discomfort, changes in energy levels, and mood swings are part of periods for many women. Despite all the challenges, you can stay fit, active and comfortable during periods by adopting a few strategies. Explore given ideas and recommendations to continue the exercise routine during menstruation.

Understand Your Body

During periods the body experiences constant changes in energy levels. Some days it might feel more energetic and comfortable with exercising. Some days it might want to rest and feel low energy levels. Listen to the signals of your body. Observe and change exercise intensity as per your body’s comfort.

Design Unique Workout

Gentle physical activities are a better choice due to less strain, soft movements and mood elevation. Choose exercises like yoga, stretching, light cycling and walking that reduce tension and improve blood flow. By reducing tightness in your joints and muscles, they effectively alleviate discomfort. Start with a warm-up to prepare for the workout and continue with gentle stretching to improve flexibility and release muscle stiffness. Incorporate such exercises that help relieve cramps. Modify your workout routine according to energy level and mood by changing the duration, intensity, or type of exercises. The only aim is to stay active and fulfill the need to have movements. Design a workout for your menstrual days which can support you in staying healthy and improving your mood.

Nurture Yourself

Your body needs extra nourishment during periods. Enough hydration prevents the unpleasant side effects of periods, like bloating and constipation. Dehydration can worsen the menstrual pain and exhaust you, so drink enough water to reduce pain. Add iron-rich food to your diet and consume the required nutrition for your workout. Provide balanced nutrition to your body to prevent any potential deficiencies.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Dress yourself in a comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbing outfit. During workouts on menstrual days, pick the most comfortable cloth which let your skin breathe and let your body regulate temperature. Choose such an attire that can make your exercise experience enjoyable.

Maintain Hygiene

Follow hygienic practices during periods to avoid any infection. During menstrual days it is essential to take necessary steps such as using high-quality menstrual products, keeping genital areas clean, and wearing breathable clothes. These precautions provide needful protection, allow you to move freely and prevent any reproductive or urinary tract infection. Wear black or dark-colored clothes to cover the leakage.

Try Pain Relievers

Over-the-counter pain relievers help manage pain and discomfort. Use a heat bag to deal with normal pain. If the period pain is extreme then use a pain reliever. Care and medication are better options to get comfort and avoid feeling sick. Consult with a healthcare professional, inform if there is any underlying medical condition, and don’t exceed the dosage. The medication aids you to stay active and live your day normally.

Manage Mood

Women feel frequent mood swings during periods. Mind-body practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises can reduce stress and elevate mood. Practice them before or after a workout to feel content and improve your well-being.

Take Rest

Period days are the days of extra care for your body. Give some needful rest to prevent tiredness, to recover, and to refresh. Take essential breaks. Don’t push yourself. Spend some “Me Time” and enjoy doing your hobby.


No day should break the lively flow of your life every month. Your commitment to stay active is achievable during Periods also. Noticing signals of your body, designing comfortable workouts, practicing self-care and managing your mood support you to stay active and have comfort in your periods. The priority is to be caring and kind to yourself and focus on your well-being.