Myths and the Reality Related to Periods

Myths and the Reality Related to Periods


Menstruation is a unique, natural part of a girl's life. However, menstrual has always been surrounded by various myths and taboos in many countries, including India. These taboos and myths exclude women from taking part in various socio-cultural activities. The myths and taboos related to periods have a huge effect on a woman's mental, emotional, and physical health. A little knowledge and understanding of puberty, periods, and reproductive system in girls make it even more challenging to deal with social-cultural taboos and beliefs in periods. In this blog, you will learn about various period myths, their impact on women's lives, and how to address these issues.


Menstruation or periods is a natural part of the reproductive cycle. Every month the reproductive cycle takes place in which the blood from the uterus comes out through the vagina. Menstruation usually starts in girls between the age of 11 to 14 years. The starting or periods indicate that a girl is at the onset of her puberty stage. Though it is a unique thing in girls, menstruation has always been surrounded by many myths in society. Due to this natural process’s taboos, many women and girls are restricted from attending various social and cultural activities.


Myths about periods


1: Taking a hot bath increases the blood flow: Another common myth is taking a hot shower can increase the period flow. However, a hot bath can stimulate blood flow and relieve menstrual cramps while easing muscular tension and helping to maintain hygiene. The water pressure may temporarily stop the blood flow from flowing out of the body. However, as soon as you come out of the shower, the flow will become normal again.


2: Avoid exercise during periods: This is a big myth. One must continue doing exercise as it helps in, good sleep and mood, and helps in dealing with period cramps and PMS symptoms. Along with doing exercise, you must also take a wholesome diet consisting of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Also, drink plenty of water. Some women restrict themselves from swimming activities during periods.


3: Periods can sync with other girls: Women who often spend time together might get periods around the same time; many times, it happens and seems a weird coincidence. However, various research studies around the world show that there is no conclusive proof to validate the claim that period syncs with other girl gangs.


4: Period blood smells very bad: Many people find this myth about periods. However, in reality, the truth is different. While each has our unique fragrance, menstrual blood has no odor. When it comes to the naturally occurring bacteria in the body, it may start smelling a little less than fresh. However, it doesn't prove that people will smell a disgusting odor from you when you have your periods. The smell produced when the period of blood gets in contact with naturally occurring bacteria can be avoided with the help of good quality sanitary pads. It is also important to change the pad every 4 to 6 hours irrespective of the heavy or light period flow.


  1. Banned from visiting temples/kitchens:

The cultural belief of impurity linked with periods restricts girls and women from entering holy places like temples and kitchens. Additionally, during those times, women found it difficult to access menstruation hygiene products, and therefore those three days, they had to stay away from all religious activities. Also, women were not allowed to bathe or wash their hair at many places. This type of myth created untouchability and created an atmosphere of isolation. In reality, periods are just a natural process indicating reproductive health.


It is important to follow a strategic approach to combat the myths and taboos associated with menstruation. Ignorance on this part can harm the reproductive health of adolescent girls and women. Therefore, it is vital to raise awareness among girls and women about menstrual health and hygiene. Awareness and knowledge about the biological facts or good hygienic practices can help girls and women lead a healthy and hygienic lifestyle while eliminating the period myths and cultural taboos.


In short,

So, these are some of the most common period myths prevailing in our society. It is important to discuss the issues related to the menstrual cycle. Shying away from talking about this natural process will not provide any solution. It is vital to follow proper hygiene, especially during periods. Use good quality period products offered by reliable brands like Wonderize. All the products, including sanitary pads from Wonderize, are manufactured keeping in mind women's comfort, health, and hygiene. Using these products will keep you comfortable all day long during your periods. Buy now.