How to Avoid and Treat the Unwanted Period Rashes?

How to Avoid and Treat the Unwanted Period Rashes?

During menstruation, a sanitary napkin or pad plays the most important role in absorbing blood flow. Wearing sanitary pads allows women to carry out their daily tasks without any discomfort. Good quality sanitary pads help absorb the blood flow and keep the intimate area dry and hygienic. Nowadays, one can easily find sanitary pads online and stock them in advance for those days. Sanitary napkins are undoubtedly the best products to stay comfortable and worry-free during the periods. However, wearing a sanitary napkin may sometimes lead to rashes that further cause itching, swelling, redness, and even cuts on the skin.

What are period rashes, and how do they happen?

Period rashes are one of the most common problems that most girls face during their menstrual cycle. Rashes can happen due to an allergic reaction, friction, and sometimes due to the combination of warm climate and moisture. Wonderize is one such brand that provides a different range of scientifically designed sanitary pads. It assures complete protection, comfort, and hygiene to the users. Also, there are multiple products available - Soft comfort, Dry comfort, and Ultra dry to cater unique needs of women during their periods.

It is important to note that period pads are made from several layers of different materials. The friction from wearing a pad can create rashes and irritation. But do you know the problem of rashes can be avoided? Yes, the below-mentioned are some of the key tips to get rid of period rashes.

Tips to avoid period rash

  • Choose a good quality sanitary pad: In today’s busy life schedule. Whether you are a homemaker or working in a corporate office, running around here and there may cause rashes due to friction and rubbing the sanitary napkin against the skin. To avoid pad rash, you must use a soft & secure sanitary pad that is soft enough to prevent painful rashes.
  • Change your pad frequently: Wearing the same pad for a whole day, even in low flow, can cause rashes and may badly irritate the area. Wearing the same sanitary napkin for a very long time is bad for your health as well. It may lead to bacteria build-up, bad smell, irritation, rashes, as well as infection. Therefore, it is advisable to change your pad frequently every 3 to 4 hours, no matter how small your flow volume is. This way, you can prevent the chances of rashes to a great extent.
  • Maintain proper hygiene: Vaginal area is a very sensitive part of a women’s body. Wearing sanitary pads can irritate the skin down there. It is important to clean the vaginal area using warm water every few hours, especially during the periods, to prevent infection-causing bacteria build-up. Also, make sure to pat the area dry after every wash. Maintaining proper hygiene during periods will make you feel good and keep you comfortable throughout the day.
  • Use a topical cream: In case of rashes, it is advisable to consult your doctor and use a topical cream prescribed by him. There can be different types of rashes caused due to various reasons. Consulting a doctor can help in getting the right medicine to get quick relief from the rashes. 


These are some of the key tips to prevent rashes and keep yourself comfortable during the periods. It is very much important to go for a trusted brand when choosing the right sanitary pad. Wonderize sanitary pads are one of the best products available in the market today. It is designed and manufactured according to Indian weather conditions and skin type for a rash-free period. All wonderize sanitary pads are embossed with soft side edges to give complete rash-free protection. Try Wonderize sanitary pads for your next period cycle. Buy now!.