What Changes to Expect When Reaching the Puberty Stage?

What Changes to Expect When Reaching the Puberty Stage?

Puberty is one of the most important times in a person’s life. It is a stage in which you experience a host of physical and emotional changes in your body. In simple words, puberty is the time in your life when you become mature. At this time, the organs are in the process of development to prepare your body for reproduction. In this blog, you will get an idea about the entire process of puberty and what changes it brings to a girl’s life.

Puberty-A milestone in a girl’s development

Puberty is a milestone in a child’s development. Know-how of all the changes during this stage can help you prepare your child and yourself for what lies ahead. So, how does the whole process start? Well, our brain releases a hormone known as gonadotropin (GnRH) that leads to a lot of changes in our body. When gonadotropin reaches the pituitary gland, it releases two more puberty hormones into the bloodstream.

When these hormonal changes take place in girls, the puberty gland instructs the ovaries to start producing the primary female sex hormone, known as estrogen.

The right time of puberty

The timing of puberty usually depends on genetic and environmental factors. However, the average age for girls is 10. Since each individual is different, it is perfectly fine to begin puberty anywhere between 8 to 14. Whenever the puberty stage begins, it brings with it a lot of biological changes. Besides, it also affects the emotional development of a child.

Signs of puberty in girls

Some of the key physical signs or stages that girls can expect as they go through puberty include:

Breast Development

The first and most common sign of puberty in girls is the development of breasts, also known as breast budding. Breast buds are nickel-sized bumps or small mounds of flesh that develop under the nipples. In most cases, one side grows much faster than the other, which is perfectly normal. One may also notice tenderness or soreness on the beast buds. Moreover, the darker area around the nipples also expands.

Body hair growth

About 15% of girls experience pubic hair as the first sign of puberty that occurs even before breast buds start to develop. In this stage, coarser hair starts to grow in the genital area, armpits, and on the legs. Besides, pubic hair becomes curlier and thicker.

Vaginal discharge

Most of the girls also experience a small to moderate amount of vaginal discharge which is a clear or milky white discharge. This discharge generally begins about 6 to 12 months before the start of their first period. This discharge is usually the result of the growing amount of the hormone (estrogen) in the body. One important thing to note here is that vaginal discharge is a vagina’s natural way of self-cleaning while staying healthy and protected. To manage this discharge, one can find the best quality panty liners available in the market. Using panty liners is one of the most hygienic ways to keep yourself dry, fresh, and comfortable all day long.


As mentioned earlier, each individual is different, so the timeline of periods can also vary. However, most girls get their first periods within 2 to 3 years after the development of breast buds. The average age for the first period is around 12. Getting periods for the first time can be very stressful and painful. It is vital to note that periods are a normal part of growing up girls. There is nothing wrong in asking questions about periods and clearing any doubts that young girls may have about periods. For young girls who are likely to get their first periods anytime, it is best to keep some good quality ultra dry sanitary napkins in their bag so that they are always well-prepared for the periods.

It is important to note that periods may be irregular, short, and sometimes long in the first few years. This happens because our body is preparing itself to adapt to quick physiological changes. Apart from this, some girls may experience bright red blood during their first period while other girls may have spotting with red or brown discharge. Also, the length of the cycle may vary from person to person. Abdominal cramping or pain is quite common during periods. If menstrual cramps or pain are severe, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician to relieve such pain.

Increased height and wider hips

Another common physical change that girls may notice during the puberty stage is fast growth in their height. The highest height growth rate can be noticed when the breast buds start to develop and also about 6 months before getting the first period. After the first period, the height growth rate starts to slow down. Another common change in the body is wider hips and smaller waist.

Other signs

Some other common signs of puberty are acne on the face and body. The changes in hormone levels during this time usually trigger the spread of acne. Sweating under the armpits and increased body odor are also some of the common signs of puberty. The skin, as well as hair, may also appear oilier.


Depending on the genetics and environmental conditions, a girl may start puberty either very early or very late. However, if you notice any signs of puberty in your daughter before 8 years of age, you must consult your pediatrician about the possible reasons. Similarly, if there are no signs of puberty even after crossing the age of 13-14, contact your pediatrician.

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