Stop Period Leaks At Night

Period leaks at night is a common problem faced by every age group and at every stage of their life. The period phase is difficult with cramps, bloating, fatigue, and mood swings. On top of it, it’s one of the worst feeling to wake up in the morning and find yourself stained with blood around you.

Ghosh!!! It’s disgusting!!!

But as per the studies, it is quite normal to bleed heavily during the first couple of days but if you find yourself bleeding for the entire period days then get yourself checked by a specialist.

To stop period leaks, here are a few simple hacks:

  1. Choosing the right product - Use an extra-large or a night-time sanitary pad which will keep you covered throughout the night. Also look out for heavy absorbent sanitary napkins. You should never compromise of sanitary napkins. And always make sure to change your sanitary napkin before going to bed. Wonderize Ultra dry gives a stain free experience during heavy periods. Try it and you will thank us later.
  2. Choose dark color panties – This will help the stains to absorb. Likeliness to get your sheets stained will be lesser.
  3. Select your most comfortable PJs – Go for the most comfortable pajama for your heavy nights. Wearing a good comfortable pajama will act as a second layer to protect and absorb the blood.
  4. Track your period – Tracking your period will help you save from embarrassment. This will keep you more cautious and aware about your next period and hence you can decide what color clothes to wear.