How To Regulate Irregular Periods

Experience irregular periods are quite common these days. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol has caused irregularity in menses. Irregular periods are also due to Hormonal Imbalance, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Endometriosis and many more. Some anti-inflammatory medicines, Contraceptives and IUDs also cause irregular periods.

Irregular periods can be treated through medicinal guidance of a Gynaecologist or through natural processes like mentioned below:

Yoga – Yoga has been one of the proven forms to regularise menses in women. It has also shown results in reducing menstrual pain, emotional instability, and mood swings in women. Yoga has shown effective treatment for different menstrual conditions and issues.

Exercise – Regular exercise has many health benefits. One of them is to regulate periods. It also helps in regulating your weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Its also recommended for a healthy and active lifestyle by main dieticians and nutritionists. 

Cinnamon Therapy – There are innumerable benefits of cinnamon. It’s one of the ancient spices which are used by our grannies and the legacy is carried on. In 2014 research, it had been found that cinnamon was effective in regulating menses in women suffering from PCOD. Cinnamon, if considered moderately is also good for weight loss. It helps in reducing menstrual cramps and bleeding too.

Consume Apple Cider Vinegar – Drinking 15ml of ACV daily helps to restore ovulatory menstruation in women suffering from PCOS. It is advisable to not over consume apple cider vinegar.

Vitamin doses – Irregular periods are also associated with lower levels of vitamin D. It is important to keep a timely check on your vitamin D. If its below average, it is advisable to pop some vitamin pills through a doctors recommendation. Vitamin B also helps in reducing PMS.