Hygiene Practices for Teens during Menstruation

At the onset of menstruation, girls develop many changes in their bodies. It’s a transition from a girl to a woman. Menstruation is regarded as dirty and an unclean monthly occurrence. A very important factor for teenage girls is to broaden their menstruation knowledge and hygiene practices. Lack of knowledge & understanding of menstruation leads to unsafe hygienic practice which in turn leads to the risk of reproductive, urinary tract infections & even cervical cancer. Let’s talk about it. Let’s create awareness about it in society. Women in our society will keep on suffering if we don’t speak up. Here are some important hygiene practices which should be inculcated amongst teens.

  1. Do not keep the dirty sanitary napkin on for long hours. It is advised to change the sanitary napkin every 6 hours and in the case of tampons every 2 to 3 hours depending upon the blood flow.
  2. Do not use perfumed soaps to clean your vagina as your vagina is the most sensitive part of the body and many perfumed products will create allergic reactions to the skin.
  3. Using intimate wash which is paraben-free will help the vagina to be healthy and away from infections. Intimate wash is also helpful in beating bad odour, vaginal discharge & vaginal sweat.
  4. It is always advised to keep your vagina dry and clean.