What to consider while choosing the right sanitary pad for your period?

How many of us have given a thought or may have carried out extensive research before buying a sanitary pad. Most of us buy any randomly available pads, which is not a best practice. Every woman’s body is unique, and so is their menstrual experience. Some may experience heavy flow, leaving them to feel agitated while managing and treating their body. In contrast, some may experience lighter flow during the entire menstrual cycle. There is an extensive range of sanitary pads brands in India. And, for every condition, there are varieties of sanitary napkins available in the market.


What to look for before buying the right sanitary pad that suits best for your precious body?


  1. Level of Absorbency

While selecting a sanitary napkin, one must check the level of absorbency and how much that pad can hold blood upto. There are high absorbent sanitary pads for heavy low, whereas, comparatively, there are short and mini pads available for lighter flow. So with such options, women can pick according to their needs and experience.


  1. Different Sizes

Generally, most women experience heavy flow during the initial days of their menstrual cycle. For such situations, a sanitary napkin with a longer and wider shape which generally comes in 310 mm helps to absorb the flow effectively. Conversely, the flow gradually decreases in the latter days of the menstrual cycle, where small and cotton pads with 280 mm size can provide utmost comfort along with necessary absorption. These pads can be worn until certain hours without leakage or stain.


Also, there are different pads for day and night to cater to specific needs in accordance with the time. During the day, the woman is always on the move with numerous physical activities; therefore, day pads come with certain features that allow her to feel comfortable and stress-free. On the other hand, night pads can hold more flow and wide hip guards like period panty, which helps prevent leakage while sleeping. It perfectly fits your body without leaving room for leakage so you can sleep on your back peacefully.


  1. Type of material

Many of the wide range of pads in-store may give you skin rashes and infections. Well, it is advisable to avoid such pads and go for pads that have cotton side edges to protect you from rashes and irritation during your periods. Therefore, before choosing your pad, thorough research is required on the type of material used while manufacturing those sanitary napkins.


How is Wonderize different from other sanitary pads brands in India?

Wonderize manufactures sanitary napkins in two variants -fluff and ultra variant. It is specially designed and manufactured with cotton side edges of the sanitary napkin to experience greater comfort and complete rash-free periods. The variants possess super quality and highly preferred features, which includes:

Wonderize Soft Comfort gives a soft cotton-like feeling with four wall protection leaving women to feel secure and at ease all day long. It is for women with sensitive skin and also for youngsters who have just entered puberty.

  • Super cottony soft topsheet
  • Four wall protection
  • Uniquely shaped flaps
  • Leakage proof pads

Wonderize Dry Comfort is for daughters who love sports and physical activities and do not want to miss the routine due to period. It has a micro-ridge embossed top sheet, which makes them feel fresh, keeping the wetness away. A combination of softness and dryness in one sanitary napkin.

  • Four wall protection
  • Uniquely shaped flaps
  • Fluid capture wonder core
  • Thin and breathable
  • Odour control system
  • Perforated flap paper
  • Super dry cover

Wonderize Period Panty is designed as a panty-style sanitary napkin to protect the heavy flow periods during the night, post partum, long sitting hours. With super breathable material, it guarantees a comfortable and rash-free period providing an extra layer of protection to the heavy flow. The waistband perfectly makes sure the panty does not dislocate its position and sticks to the body shape. Whether you sit, stand, or dance, there will be no leakage while wearing this period panty.

  • Super absorbent -Four-time more absorption during periods
  • Leak lock
  • Panty style fit
  • Anti-Leak side cuffs
  • Softcover



So ladies, your hygiene and menstrual health are of utmost importance, and taking care of it with the right measures would make your monthly journey smooth and comfortable. Instead of buying any random product, opt for the right menstrual pad for your period.