Period Panties- A Great Option to Deal with Periods

Period Panties- A Great Option to Deal with Periods

Have you ever used period panties or heard about this product? Today, there are so many types of products available in the market for women to wear during the menstrual cycle. One such product is period panties. You can buy a period panty online or from a local store. If you don’t know what period panties are then for your information, period panties are simply the undergarments designed especially for women to wear during period days. Period panties are a great replacement option for regular sanitary pads.

With period panties, you don’t have to worry about leakage issues or wear double protection to avoid staining through your clothes. They are very easy to wear as well. Just put them on just like a usual pair of underwear and you are ready to go. Just make sure to change and clean them at least every 12 hours, or as required to prevent odor and maintain hygiene.

What period panties are made of?

Period panties, also known as menstrual underwear/panties are usually composed of several different layers. However, these layers are thinner than the layers of regular sanitary napkins. They look like normal underwear but are made with special fabrics with extra layers. Some of the key features of panty liners include:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Reusable
  • Thinner than usual period pads
  • Safe to use

Period panties are generally made of 3 different kinds of layers in the crotch area:

  • Cotton layer: The first layer is usually made of soft cotton material that makes it more breathable. It gives you a soft and comfy feel.
  • Absorbent tissue layer: The second layer is made of highly absorbent tissue, usually from fiber like bamboo and eucalyptus which keeps you dry all day long.
  • Waterproof layer: The third layer is a waterproof layer generally made of polyester and/or PUL material. It ensures a leakage-free period experience.

Reasons to choose period panties

For many women in India, period panties are relatively a new period product. Many of them may have doubts about the reliability of this product. If you are confused about whether to use period panties or not, then here are some of the key benefits of this product that will help you to make a choice.

  • Highly absorbent period product: Menstrual panties are made of powerful absorbent layers that can absorb up to 5 times more flow than a regular pad. With these panties, you can keep yourself dry and clean for longer. Besides, you don’t need to change them every few hours like other period products.
  • Ensure comfort and secure fit: Period panties are made of different layers, but these are thinner than the layers of sanitary pads. Thus are more comfortable to wear and ensure a secure fit all the time. Sometimes periods can give you a surprise by coming a bit early before your expected date. You can start wearing them a few days before your period to prevent staining your clothes (in case your period arrives early).
  • Easy to use: Period panties are similar to regular underwear. These are very easy to use. Just wear them like your regular panties and stay dry, comfortable all day long. Make sure to choose the right pair of period panties to meet your heavy, medium, or light flow
  • Safe and hygienic: Good quality period panties are made using advanced, moisture-wicking technology to absorb period flows. These are free from any kind of toxins and chemicals which makes them absolutely safe to wear. Moreover, they help to prevent the risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome). Since these are washable and reusable, they assure complete hygiene.
  • Available in different absorbency options and designs: Period panties are available in different absorbency options for light, regular to heavy flow requirements. They also come in assorted designs, colors, and shapes starting from absorbent thongs to high-waist pairs. These are a fantastic choice for long-lasting wear.

All these benefits suggest that period panties are quite easy to use and reliable like good quality sanitary napkins. If you are still confused about using period panties, you can start using them for your light flow days or can also use them as a backup option.


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